About Us

Meet the Owner: Steve Stancil

Hi, I’m Steve! First off, let me say thank you for considering Xtreme Pressure Washing for your services.  As a company, we pride ourselves on hard work, extensive knowledge in the field, and creating the best experience for our customers. 

I am constantly researching and keeping up-to-date with chemicals that we use to ensure we are always using the best products for the job.

Our team’s passion is to make homeowners safeguard their investment, their time, and their family’s health.


– Driveways

– Walkways and sidewalks

– Commercial parking lots and entrances

– Roofing

– Vinyl siding and stucco


driveway with grass

Worried about your vegetation and landscaping?

Don’t be! Our team is extremely knowledgeable about protecting your investment in landscaping.  While providing someone with a quote, we always check the surrounding area for vegetation and make sure that we use the least-harmful solution necessary while continuing to deliver the best result. 

We know that many chemicals used during pressure washing can do permanent damage to plants. To ensure that we refrain from damaging the landscaping, we instruct all of our clients to water the plants before and after a pressure washing service. This allows the runoff to be as diluted as possible.

Did you know that bleach can turn into salt if not diluted? This inhibits the plants from absorbing water.

Our solution to this is, whenever possible, to use an alternative to bleach that is less harmful to vegetation. However, this less corrosive detergent can still leave brown spots if not watered before and after pressure washing.


deck and patio
commerical power washing
front porch two story